Leading Digital Transformation in Brazil – Crescendo conference Oct 16, 2017

Leading Digital Transformation in Brazil – Crescendo conference Oct 16, 2017

Invited by prof. Florence Pinot from ESCP Europe and Cerale (a Research Centre devoted to Europe-Latin America business relationships), Fred Donier, Managing Parner  of Crescendo delivered a conference untitled “Leading Digital Transformation in Brazil: opportunities and challenges”  on October 16, 2017 hosted by Insper Business School in São Paulo.

This conference was an honor and a great opportunity for Crescendo team to share some of the learnings accumulated along the last 5 years supporting Crescendo client assignments related to 3.0 / digital transformation. The slides of the presentation are available hereafter:  20171016-Leading Digital Transformation in Brazil – Fred Donier – ESCP Europe @INSPER vb  

The event was formatted as a pannel sesssion covering the overall topic: “Digital Economy in Brazil: some perceptions and experiences from European entrepreneurs “.  The 2 other pannelists, Eloi Dechery, CEO of Zarpo (leading brazilian e-commerce dedicated to premium travel sales) and Xavier Leclerc co-founder of MOX Digital and co-organizer of the Rio.futuro conference, presented their amazing experience as entrepreneurs in Brazil. 

The dialog engaged between Eloi, Xavier and Fred stimulated by questions asked by the audience composed of the EMBA ESCP Europe students and ESCP Alumni, was very rewarding for all present, according to the warm feedbacks received during the networking cocktail and afterwards,

Florence Pinot concluded by emphasizing once again the added value of the partnership in Brazil between ESCP Europe and Crescendo since 2012 for the students and for the ESCP Europe /Cerale community

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