“Economic Freedom” new regulation in Brazil

“Economic Freedom” new regulation in Brazil

Crescendo founder & Ceo, Fred Donier, was interviewed, in may 2019, about the new Economic Freedom Provisional Measure (MP) determined by Brazil federal government. The article was published in Les Echos, the leading french econonomic newspaper on May 7th, 2019 written by Thierry Ogier.

We understand that there is here a vast and bold opportunity that can be captured through the announced measures aiming basically at improving productivity, reducing bureaucracy and simplifying the entrepreneur journey in Brazil.

The real conditions of success of this MP will depend largely on Congress approval in the following monthes, but we can already state that the level of ambition of the proposed changes is disruptive and unique in the last 25 years of  brazilian economic history.

Les Echos – Brésil – Décret Liberté Economique 7 mai 2019


The original text in portuguese of the Provisional Measure is available though



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