Crescendo moderates Open Innovation panel discussion at the Innovation + Tech Day

Crescendo moderates Open Innovation panel discussion at the Innovation + Tech Day

Part of São Paulo Tech Week, Innovation + Tech Day has been a successful event co-0rganized by Business France Brazil and France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce. It gathered a record audience of more than 300 participants on November 26th, 2019 hosted by Cubo Itaú accelerator facilities in São Paulo.

The event covered hot topics such as Open Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Tech for Good. 2 startups, Mirakl  and Robô Laura were rewarded with a special 2019 Startup Prize.

We thank the organizers for inviting Fred Donier, Crescendo founder & CEO, to be the moderator of the panel discussion devoted to Open Innovation – Innovate to survive. Fred introduced the discussion by framing the 5 major changes that has occured in the way of doing innovation, from the analog era in the 90´s to the current digital era:

  • Decisions are now made based on facts, test and data, not anymore on intuition or senior expertise
  • Tests became cheapier, faster and easier to be performed
  • Innovation challenge is now to address the right users pains vs to find perfect solutions
  • Failure is now welcomed as part of a culture aimed at capturing quick learnings
  • The focus is on MVP instead of finished products

Then, Fred presented the concepts and evolution of Open Innovation since its launch in 2003 by prof Henry Chesbrough to the more recent developments as OI 2.0.  He outlined the developments and main achievements of the OI discipline in Brazil since its early days in 2008.

Fred´s moderation was based on the pitch presentations of practical cases from the 5 following prestigious organizations:

  • Saint Gobain: Marga Diniz – Organizational Transformation and Corporate Communications
  • Thales: Wellington Rodrigues – Marketing & Strategy Director Latin America
  • Ingenico : Marin Mignot – COO Brazil
  • WeHealth / Servier: Paolo Compagnon – Strategy & Innovation Brazil
  • Edenred: Charles Boussion – Development & Innovation Manager Brazil

Finally the debate was launched with a special emphasis on :

  • The new innovation KPIs vs traditional financial KPIs
  •  How do the organizations open minds for OI and ensure they have the skills to carry out the process

For more details, you can access the full report of the event in portuguese elaborated by CCIFBções/Courrier_Innovation_TechDay_2019_d.pdf?_t=1575566050


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