Innovation as a strategic pillar of organizations

Innovation as a strategic pillar of organizations

Innovation has been gaining increasing momentum in the strategic agenda of companies in the last decade, especially with the emergence of new competing business models and startups, the growth of frugal innovation and disruptive innovation, the exponential progress of digital technologies. The era of the 1990s and 2000s in which competitiveness was defined primarily by operational excellence and quality of execution is long gone. The 2008 global crisis and its aftermath brought a huge wave of innovations in business models, processes and products. Startups and innovation ecosystems supported by VC and PE funds were major players in this change. Corporations woke up and went after themselves to reinvent themselves, several companies did not survive such as Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, RIM (manufacturer of Blackberry), etc,,

This phenomenon accelerates even more in the post-pandemic period, as forms of communication and work have been reinvented, as well as the use of workspaces with greater flexibility and versatility between face-to-face, hybrid and remote. Innovation has been at the heart of rapidly resolving the health challenges brought on by the pandemic, especially with the development of a new generation of vaccines and treatments. People were very impacted and positively sensitized to the importance of innovation. The New Product Introduction (NPI) process has become one of the most proeminent in companies. The emergence of innovation labs, open innovation initiatives, Mininum Viable Products, collaborations with startups, learning expeditions are concrete approaches to innovation that are spreading.

People today have their innovation skills much more demanded and developed than previous generations, especially with the new agility and acceleration imperatives. Daily incorporation of new agile transformation and innovation methodologies, such as Lean Startup, Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Scrum has become the new normal.

Debating innovation is essential today, as it will largely define the future of organizations. As author Rita McGrath, a professor of strategy at Columbia Business School, puts it very well, competitive advantages are no longer sustainable and the absence of innovation leads companies to death.

To go further on this topic, Crescendo team would like to invite you to the 14th edition of Innovation & Tech Forum organized by the France Brazil Chamber of Commerce (CCIFB) on October 20 between 8 am and 1 pm at La Fabrique/State Hub in São Paulo.

In panel 1, Fred Donier, Managing Partner of Crescendo, will moderate a debate with outstanding leaders such as Jacques-Olivier Klotz CDO Engie Solutions Brazil and Douglas Pina GM Mobility Services at Edenred Brazil on “Innovation as a strategic pillar of organizations”.

More details and registrations available through the above link:

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