We offer to our clients a unique positioning in Transformation Consulting

Beyond being consultants in strategy and organization we are co-architects and agents of your company specific transformation


Born in 1999 in São Paulo, Crescendo was established to address clients need that wanted to achieve complex transformation processes combining simultaneously soft and hard approaches.

Firstly in Brazil, in Latin America as a second step, and then in more than 15 countries (Europe, North America, Asia) we have developed and applied a specific Transformation approach based on 6 steps:

1. Systemic and in-depth listening of the eco-system of our clients to identify the real and unbiased diagnosis

2. Challenge paradigms bringing external vision

3. Promote Leadership alignment  and capitalize on collective intelligence to drive transformation

4. Co-design with the client’s team the strategic vision and co-prototype the roadmap

5. Energize people with out-of-box thinking mindset and empathy  and innovate on methods to accelerate transformation

6. Implement a structured transformation governance and continuous improvement process to make things happen and to sustain results in the mid/long term.

We continuously search and improve our tools incorporating state of the art knowledge and methods that arose in the last decade from Startups, Fab Labs, Open Innovation, social sciences and management new approaches and theories



Our independence and external vision are guarantees to deliver unbiased recommendations and to challenge internal paradigms


Innovation and fertilization of problem-solving approaches through the permanent combination of hard & soft skills mindsets


The integration of culture as a fundamental lever for managing transformation successfully


Respect the right balance between the obsession on short term results and the stubborn defense of a long-term vision


Co-construction with the client´s team as the only way to sustain transformation


A light operational infrastructure, flexible, digital, and fully dedicated to serve our clients on a tailormade basis, either purely remotely, Face to Face or on a hybrid mode


To be a premium reference consultancy in corporate & ecosystems transformation and innovation, in our markets of presence, through high impact, agile and sustainable approaches.


Ethics and transparency

We believe ethics and transparency are a ‘sine qua non’ conditions for providing consulting services based on trust with our clients.

Inter-cultural bridging

the understanding of one´s own culture and the transcultural similarities and differences is fundamental for driving transformations successfully at an international level by fostering a genuine bridging of cultures.

Obsession in capturing results

Measurable quick wins are fundamental to feed the success loop and provide positive energy to the transformation stakeholders.

Long term vision

Quick wins should be balanced with the aspiration of achieving a long term collective dream that will create meaning for the transformation process.

ESG Social Responsibility

High impact consulting is achieved by incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance responsibility principles and action; at Crescendo, we are engaged since 2004 with concrete low cost and/or pro bono support to social and low carbon businesses, social and education initiatives connected with our business ecosystem.

Continuous innovation

We believe that Crescendo must transform and innovate internally continuously to be recognized by our clients as full transformation agents either online or offline.


Crescendo team is a very senior team that gathers 4 singular characteristics:


With strong multi-disciplinarily, proven multicultural skills, diverse education backgrounds (engineering, administration, social sciences, design, ...), our consultants generally have a triple experience as corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants.


Ability to deal in the morning with the C Suite Executives and in the afternoon with the blue collars/field staff collaborators of our clients, proven adaptability to diverse industry sectors and international mobility.

Transformation agents

Transformation management expertise, empathy, strong experience in facilitating workshops / training sessions / meetings, mastery of coaching and mentoring practices.

Reference senior consultants

Our consultants are committed to bring added value at each step of the assignments. All members of the team have a significant seniority with functional and/or sectorial expertise. Several Crescendo consultants have great experience as lecturers in prestigious universities in Brazil and abroad.


• Strategic transformation
• Strategic intelligence
• Organizational transformation / mergers
• Cultural transformation
• Teams effectiveness

Frédéric Donier

Managing Partner

• Organizational transformation
• Teams effectiveness
• Cultural effectiveness
• Business development
• Executive Coaching

Nicolas Touchet


• Process Transformation
• Cost effectiveness management
• Organizational transformation
• Performance improvement
• Project Management

Eduardo Von Atzingen


• Strategic sourcing
• Supply Chain management
• Process transformation
• Lean / performance improvement

Emerson Paiva


• Executive and Life Coaching
• Leadership training and devleopment
• Cultural Transformation / Tropicalization
• Psychometrics profiling
• Teams effectiveness

Gaëlle Christophe


• Teams effectiveness
• Executive coaching
• Leadership training and development

Andrea Cassemiro


• Digital strategy
• Digital marketing
• Digital transformation
• Expert SEO

Maxime Troubat


• Strategic Marketing
• Portfolio and new business development
• Strategic transformation
• Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Industry
• Innovation and brand launch

Eric Larue


• Strategic transformation
• Business planning
• Strategic / Collective intelligence
• Intercultural management
• Organizational transformation

Guillaume Sarrazin

Jean-Philippe Thery

• Consumer and Market Intelligence
• Strategic Marketing
• Strategic transformation
• Product Development
• Automotive and Mobility Industry

Jean-Philippe Thery

Stéphane Meheux

• Strategic Design
• Digital Transformation
• Service and Product Design
• User research / UX / CX
• Innovation ecosystems

Stéphane Méheux