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Strategic transformation

We support you by providing outstanding ‘food for thought’, challenging blind spots, organizing the strategy formulation process through state of the art innovating methodologies and facilitating dynamically and empathically the co-construction experience :

Strategy formulation

We implement an original work methodology which ensures the balance amongst the external and internal vision contributions, the ambition of the leadership team as well as the inputs from the collaborators, stakeholders, and the innovation ecosystem. We facilitate the strategic thinking process by mixing comprehensive analytical frameworks (industry analysis, business cases, strategic maps, competitive intelligence, ), ‘Startups era’ approaches (design thinking, business model canvas, lean start-up…) and proven synthetic communication tools (strategic roadmaps, BSC, OKR…)

Strategic and Collective Intelligence

The key challenge is about how to legally obtain tactical and strategic information of the external environment in order to feed the development of the strategic plan or marketing plan?

After the listening and diagnosis phase, we structure and mobilize the collective Intelligence human network and implement a sustainable process, being able to detect and evaluate early warnings, significant opportunities, and threats. The perimeter and specific focus are defined in accordance with the client´s Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) and Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs).

Go-To-Market Strategy

Clients frequently request our assistance to analyze the attractivity and feasibility to enter a new market, for instance in Brazil or Latin America.

We act as trusted advisors to the decision-making process by bringing market and competitive intelligence, sizing the total and addressable markets, qualifying the market entry success factors, and providing insights for business planning. Frequently the assignment includes the screening and qualification of potential partners or targets for acquisition.

Alliances and Joint Ventures

Due to our singular intercultural experience, Crescendo is frequently requested to assist clients on partnerships or JVs specially when it involves cross-borders deals between Europe and Latin America.

We intervene either from the start to facilitate the alignment of partners on a shared strategic vision and roadmap and on the appropriate governance model, either afterwards to assess the performance of a running partnership and to provide guidance for corrections or improvements.


Some clients wish to expand their geographic scope, either in the case of internationalization for Brazilian groups, either in the case of tropicalization processes for foreign groups in Brazil or Latin America.

We provide strategic and organizational guidance to align the new geographic strategy and to guide the internationalization strategy execution. According to the client’s needs, we mobilize our international partners network, especially in Europe and Latin America to complement our direct support.

Digital transformation

The tech disruption of the global economy compels companies to position digital at the center of the strategy. We support and facilitate the planning and business development process to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new business models, tech tools, UX process, startups methods to improve agility, effectiveness, and responsiveness to the Market:

Digital Strategy

The objective is to increase activity and efficiency of an organization through the digital technologies, optimizing and developing winning strategies on 3 dimensions: marketing, transactions, and customer relationship.

Crescendo has developed a framework to address digital strategy in 3 steps: diagnosis of the current state both external and internal, definition of the vision, objectives, and business model, finally design of the digital transformation roadmap.

Managing digital ventures and innovation

Blue chips companies experience decreasing economic returns and are severely challenged by disruptions brought by the startups. An efficient response is to structure a digital innovation initiative to benefit from connections and collaboration with the startup eco-systems.

Firstly, we understand the strategy and culture to define consistent strategic innovation objectives, perform benchmarks, then we select and define the most adequate digital innovation organization, governance, and process. Typical options are creation from scratch, building-up on intrapreneurship startup projects, creation of a community of startups (open innovation competitions, crowdsourcing, etc.), creation of an innovation lab to host and accelerate startups, ad-hoc investments in startups, creation of a Corporate Venture fund, etc.

In a more advanced phase, we support our clients in going through the challenge of transforming startups into scale-ups and industrializing the organization and the business processes.

Digital thinking

Many managers are not digital natives and face cognitive challenges to explore the digital era new business opportunities. Conflicts may emerge inside the company deriving from a lack of mutual understanding for instance between Baby boomers/X-Gen vs Y or Z-Gen populations.

We apply different frameworks and techniques to stimulate the adoption of common languages and practices such as Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Business Model Canvas, Project Canvas, Platform strategies, Multiple networks effects analysis, etc.

This working process allows our clients to become more agile, more innovative, more empathic with customers and users. The basic assumption is to develop desirable, feasible and viable projects.

Startups – Corporate collaboration

We are requested by our clients to act as mediators between large/mid-size groups and startups to align purpose, identify synergies and to adjust collaboration process.

Our support includes the bilateral neutral listening process, the collective effectiveness realignment, the definition of a shared vision and the alignment of a new joint strategic/tactical roadmap. Periodically we reassess the status of the collaboration to ensure continuous improvement.

Makers transformation

We provide intelligence on the Fab Lab ecosystem developments, opportunities for interaction with makers through learning expeditions, workshops, hackathons, and innovation processes to facilitate the design of proofs of concept or MVPs.

Digital Transformation Crescendo

Organizational and Governance transformation

We perform the external neutral listening process that assures a comprehensive and systemic diagnosis on the organization, share design and governance best practices, co-design the new organization including its hard and soft components and finally support and follow-up the organizational transformation plan :

Leveraging corporate governance

In the long run, poor governance is what weakens organizations leading to their eventual destruction. On the contrary, long-lasting and high-performance companies have professional, clear and assertive governance with well-defined decision-making and support bodies and a robust process.

Crescendo’s governance diagnosis is holistic, contemplating 5 key dimensions: strategy and business, risk management and monitoring, composition and diversity of bodies, processes and dynamics of the Board of Directors, self-assessment of Directors. Based on this picture, a governance transformation plan is drawn up, which may include, as necessary, the design or adjustment of instances or roles of governance, the collective effectiveness of the Board of Directors, the review of processes and the coaching of Directors.

Post-Merger Integration

Many mergers do not always deliver the economic value expected by the shareholders due to people and cultural integration issues and operating modes misalignment.

A systemic due diligence diagnosis of both sell-side and buy-side organizations allow us to identify the converging and diverging points among the pre-existing cultures, and processes. Then we co-define the integration work streams, install the Integration Management Office (IMO), and provide support to detail and implement the transformation plan.

Organizational Participative Transformation

The changes of the macro-environment and competitive context and the consequent re-assessment of the strategies, oblige the companies to re-evaluate periodically the effectiveness and efficiency of their structural organization and to promote the necessary adaptations ensuring a profound and authentic engagement of its collaborators.

A participative approach, « bottom-up-bottom » implemented with the follow-up changing process allowing the sustainability and effectiveness of the new organization. Our approach incentives the collaborators to be the architects of the future organizational structure and stimulates sense-making. managers to behave as guiding leaders of their teams

Restructuring and Reorganization

A major challenge in restructuring processes is to keep momentum in motivating people that will stay in the organization after the downsizing phase. Usually corporations invest most of their energy in preparing and managing the cost killing process, forgetting the day after and the huge human transformation to be tackled.

We perform a listening process to evaluate the real and full context of the restructuring. Then we gather the leadership team to establish the transformation vision and the transformation roadmap which includes a consistent set of work streams covering all leverages of performance (revenues, costs, process efficiency, culture, etc.). Then we implement and coach the transformation governance scheme in charge of following up all the restructuring process.

Operational Governance design

The absence or discontinuity of operational governance practices has caused strong disturbance in the corporations such as loss of collective feelings; loss of efficiency and sharpness related to meeting managements and time; usually taking the company to a worse performance and an excess stress leverage. The context of remote work should be considered in a special way.

The initial Crescendo diagnosis allows to identify the status of the current governance practices as well as the most important evolution needs, considering the peculiarities and good practices of work for online and offline environments. Later, our team coaching process promotes the specific governance practices and monitoring the results of its implementation in the executive forums and management rituals of the company.

Organizational transformation

Cultural and managerial transformation

Corporate culture has become more and more our client´s ultimate competitive advantage. We diagnose and measure the existing corporate culture through innovating tools, capture and formulate the expected culture and values, then we co-design the winning cultural change strategy; finally, we follow-up and coach the continuous improvement process :

Shared Visioning

When we visit firms, we hear frequently, that the mission, vision, and value statement is only a nice statement on the walls, but not a day to day tangible reality for all employees.

We have developed a comprehensive approach for our clients to identify and formalize their long-term vision and values based on a company-wide collaboration process and to ensure the Walk the Talk attitudes.

Collective Effectiveness and Leadership Development

The leadership teams usually face big difficulties to deal with and explain their internal misalignments. This situation has a negative impact into the development of a High-Performance Team, especially impacting 5 dimensions: mutual trust, conflicts management, decision-making process, silo effect and focus on collective results.

A Collective alignment process starting from self-knowledge thereafter expanding to the bilateral and mutual knowledge as well as the individual commitments of each of the team members. The methodology includes a systemic diagnosis, a team workshop, either online or offline, and is followed up through a team coaching process and a deployment of Collective Effectiveness practice to the middle management teams.

In terms of leadership development, we deliver customized Training-Action programs typically structured in 3 steps: managing myself, managing the team, managing the firm. The training-action includes 3 types of activities, training itself, group coaching and individual coaching, to ensure the implementation of the transferred concepts and obtain practical results.

Cultural Transformation

Our clients request our assistance to stimulate a significant cultural change, as they have observed that their existing culture has become an obstacle for progress in accordance with their strategy.

We perform a comprehensive assessment of the ‘As Is’ vs ‘To Be’ culture through different instruments (CTT, cultural weave, etc.) to get a quantitative and qualitative measurable evaluation. Then, we co-design the cultural transformation plan and prioritize quick wins’ vs structural actions. Finally, we follow-up the implementation and act as cultural coaches to speed-up the transformation.

Intercultural Alignment / “Tropicalization”

We have observed numerous cases of business failure (mergers, JVs, partnerships, international projects, new ventures, ) due to lack of intercultural alignment between stakeholders.

Crescendo performs a diagnosis of the intercultural challenge, including the mapping of the existing cultures (national and corporate); an action plan is co-designed with the management to close the intercultural gap. It includes typically an intercultural team-building workshop, specific trainings to increase knowledge on cultures and executive coaching for expatriates/inpatriates.

Learning with Startups culture

Large groups request our assistance to become more agile and to adopt ‘start-up like’ operating modes.

We organize and facilitate learning expeditions and experience sharing workshops between startups and large groups. We train and coach managers introducing new concepts and methodologies such as ‘Lean startup’, ‘pivot or die rituals’, ‘project canvas’, digital collaborative tools, Design Thinking, etc.

Cultural Transformation Crescendo

Process and performance transformation

We assess and benchmark the ‘as is’ business processes performance, co-design ‘to be’ processes with the client´s teams, and build the transition plans for each process, to assure a new level of performance monitored by Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), SMART KPIs. :

Process redesign

Crescendo added value is typically to facilitate the definition of priorities for process redesign, to provide the mapping tools and external benchmarks, to share good practices, to challenge the existing processes and to provide guidance for the ‘to be’ process definition.

Strategic Deployment and Steering

How to lead the execution of one strategy in an efficient and sustainable way reaching all the departments of the company. This way, all the collaborators will have all their efforts directed to aligned goals.

A collective process for designing the Objectives & Key Results, including a limited number of strategic objectives, key results, indicators & targets, and breakthrough initiatives. We support the vertical deployment of the objectives and roadmaps to cover the organization at all hierarchical levels, then we coach the steering process through quarterly or half yearly rituals of Strategy agile We are often requested to operationally monitor the implementation of strategic pilotage through the support of a Crescendo PMO.

Turnaround / Crisis Management

Many companies are not prepared for the leadership, organization, and operating modes, in order to face rough and/or degradation of their performances: the crises get out of control and are not solved in a satisfactory way.

Crescendo solution includes a diagnosis to mobilize the top management team and to implement the call for change and sense of urgency; a workshop to align the action plans and to conceives the specific crisis management mode; a leader’s team coaching process to follow and re-feed the dynamic of progress.

Performance transformation - Crescendo